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Step into the heart of Identity Pixel. Get acquainted with our dedicated team of digital artisans: creatives and tech savants with years of experience under their belts. Watch how this depth of expertise becomes our compass, guiding us through diverse markets and consistently steering us towards excellence. As we celebrate our victories, we applaud the maestros who make them possible.

Spencer Hudson

Managing Director

Spencer is an individual driven by compassion, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to assist others. His altruistic nature is balanced by a proactive and outgoing personality. He harbours a passion for fitness, specifically running, and shares a profound love for dogs. In his leisure time, Spencer indulges in films and enjoys the company of others in social gatherings.

As our Managing Director, Spencer is the dynamic force that propels Identity Pixel forward. His responsibilities are multi-faceted and crucial to the operation of the company, encompassing daily management, team coordination, nurturing client relationships and formulating strategies for future growth.

Spencer's skill set is as broad as it is deep. He excels in Google AdWords management, brainstorming creative solutions and marketing strategy. His accomplishments include earning accreditations in industry-leading platforms and solutions. Moreover, he possesses the rare talent of crafting bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

With a solid background in managing digital marketing agencies, Spencer brings invaluable experience and insights to Identity Pixel. His professional journey spans across the telecommunications industry and creative agencies, where he often took the helm of successful projects. This blend of experiences across different sectors equipped him with a nuanced understanding of sales and marketing, providing a solid foundation upon which he built Identity Pixel.

Dan Clarke

Marketing Director

Daniel identifies as a self-motivated and kind-hearted individual with a penchant for creativity. His guiding principles revolve around empathy, always striving to do right by others and lend a hand where possible. In his downtime, he finds joy in cinematic experiences, immersive gaming, and cherishing quiet moments with his significant other.

As our Marketing Director, Daniel steers the creative and strategic helm of Identity Pixel. His primary responsibilities encompass conceptualising and managing projects, crafting engaging designs and prototypes and spearheading the coding and development of websites and apps. In addition, his client-centric approach ensures smooth and productive customer relations.

Daniel's comprehensive skill set has been honed over decades of experience and learning. He boasts certifications in MCP, MCSC, Prince II Foundation & Practitioner Project Management Degree, and ITIL Service Level Agreements. Additionally, he holds a Cisco Accreditation. His proficiencies extend to HTML & CSS coding, app development, and mastery of the Adobe suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Character Creator, After Effects, Premier Pro, and more.

With an impressive track record spanning over 25 years in IT, Design, Marketing & Development, Daniel brings unparalleled expertise to Identity Pixel. His diverse experience includes roles such as an NHS IT Infrastructure Project Manager. He has also led design services for notable clients like AIG, Honda, HSBC, NHS, Triumph and Cancer Research, underscoring his proficiency and passion for his craft.

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Unearth the secret to our continuous streak of successes. Step inside our world and explore the perfect fusion of creativity, technology, and deep understanding – a proven blend that delivers results time and time again. At Identity Pixel, we don't just celebrate our victories; we revel in yours. Join us as we disclose the best-kept 'non-secret' in the digital domain.

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Why just take our word for it when you can explore the tangible manifestations of our expertise? Traverse our gallery of success stories, each a testament to our commitment, talent, and the exceptional value we provide. From diverse industries and unique challenges, we have created digital masterpieces that have yielded significant returns for our clients. At Identity Pixel, we don't just promise results, we have a history of delivering them. Explore the evidence of our promises kept and envision your success story being the next one we share.

Eviroshield Limited

A Journey of Digital Transformation and Growth

Enviroshield, a thermal insulation installer and contractor, partnered with us at Identity Pixel over two years ago. At the time, their digital footprint was hindered by an underperforming website and they lacked a clear strategy for digital marketing advancement.


Our journey with Enviroshield began by devising a comprehensive digital strategy. We created a website optimised for lead generation, integrated with Google AdWords, SEO and Microsoft Advertising campaigns. Beyond enhancing their digital presence, we also helped streamline their internal operations, transitioning them to a paperless system, introducing efficient mechanisms for quote generation, customer data management and ensuring payment transparency.

Following the foundational groundwork and website launch, we extensively worked on crafting and refining their marketing strategy. The results of this sustained effort have been overwhelmingly positive, marked by impressive growth:

  • The introduction of Enviroshield's updated brand image and online system in 2020 was a key step in their internet growth.
  • Following the launch, our well-planned management and implementation of Google AdWords blended well with their new online presence.
  • This crucial digital transformation quickly resulted in a major increase in Enviroshield's profitability, work efficiency and customer interaction.

Our partnership with Enviroshield continues to strengthen each year, yielding increased profitability and an influx of new clients. Enviroshield's satisfaction with our services is a testament to our commitment to driving success for our clients.

Contact The Business Owner

Blake Cooper

If you would like to hear more about their experience with Identity Pixel, feel free to contact Blake Cooper, Director at Enviroshield, on 07841 458790.

"Partnering with Identity Pixel has been transformative for Enviroshield. Their AdWords mastery, outstanding web design and brand revamp have propelled our business to unprecedented success."

Blake CooperCEO & Founder - Enviroshield Ltd

Buy Insulation Limited

Embarking on a Digital Transformation Journey

When approached us in May 2022, they were in search of more than just a service provider; they needed a trusted partner to catapult their thriving insulation business into the digital domain. Disappointed by previous agencies, they were on the lookout for a team that would deliver results, not just promises.


We wholeheartedly accepted the challenge and embarked on a six-month collaborative journey. Together, we constructed an innovative ecommerce website, enriched with engaging video content, custom-made social media channels, and vibrant graphics representing their extensive product catalogue of over 5,000 items.

But our commitment to extended beyond crafting an appealing and functional digital platform. Behind the scenes, we also forged a robust marketing strategy, ready for deployment upon the completion of their digital transformation.

  • The successful launch of their digital arm in January 2023 was a milestone.
  • We rolled out the strategic marketing plan that perfectly complemented their fresh online presence
  • Almost immediately, witnessed a remarkable upturn in their sales revenue.

Our partnership continues to evolve. We're in the process of shaping further strategies to propel their business, with ambitious targets in our sights, and a keen focus on ensuring that their marketing budget delivers tangible returns.

Contact The Manager

Matthew Bentley

The journey with stands as a testament to the power of genuine partnerships, deep client understanding, and unwavering pursuit of digital excellence. To hear about their experience with Identity Pixel directly, feel free to contact Matthew Bentley or Paul Cant at on 07963 605475. We take immense pride in their accomplishments and continue to commit our expertise to their ongoing success. Part Of The DDDD Group

Building a Digital Presence from the Ground Up

When House Develop first approached us towards the end of 2022, they were in pursuit of more than just a service provider. They sought a digital partner who could help revitalise their brand and deliver a lead generation strategy that could support their growing business. Having provided quality property development and general building services since 2012, they were ready to fully embrace the digital world and generate new leads.


Our journey began with an in-depth consultation process, which formed the cornerstone of the comprehensive digital marketing strategy we would later deploy. The initial phase entailed building a fresh, user-friendly website from scratch that would serve as the digital face of House Develop. Leveraging our extensive experience and industry knowledge, we incorporated key elements to drive customer engagement and encourage lead conversion.

But our commitment didn't stop there. We undertook meticulous keyword research and crafted a Google Ads campaign tailored to House Develop's unique needs and objectives. Our efforts were rewarded with an impressive campaign performance that continues to flourish, marking a significant milestone in their digital journey.

  • Launched a highly effective Google Ads campaign, driving considerable web traffic and lead generation.
  • Successfully revitalised the House Develop brand, redefining their online presence.
  • Witnessed a marked increase in leads and customer engagement since the launch of the new website.
  • Within the first 6 month on our marketing strategy HouseDevelop gain an opportunity for a housing project worth 3.4m

Our partnership with House Develop is an ongoing journey of growth and transformation. We are constantly crafting innovative strategies to drive their business forward, with an unwavering focus on maximising their marketing ROI and delivering significant returns.

Contact The Director

David Davidian

Our experience with House Develop stands as a testament to the power of dedicated partnerships, deep client understanding, and an unwavering pursuit of digital excellence. To hear about their experience with Identity Pixel directly, feel free to contact David Davidian at House Develop on 07956 654220. We take immense pride in their digital achievements and are fully committed to bolstering their ongoing success. Visit their website at to see our work in action.

JC Watson Limited

Pioneering a Comprehensive Digital Revolution

When JC Watson approached us, they had just begun to explore the realm of digital marketing, but had yet to see substantial results. They were in need of more than just a service provider; they sought a digital strategist who could transform their brand and significantly improve their operations.


Our first step was a deep consultation process to devise a comprehensive digital strategy. We then embarked on a brand overhaul, creating a dynamic website optimised for user engagement and operational efficiency. In tandem, we developed a robust backend management portal and mobile application, which drastically streamlined their operational workflow.

But our engagement didn't stop post website launch. We dedicated ourselves to refining their digital marketing strategy, constantly aligning it with their business growth and operational efficiency. The combination of a strong digital presence and improved internal operations propelled JC Watson to new heights of success, marking their digital transformation journey with us as overwhelmingly positive.

  • The unveiling of their revitalised brand and digital platform in 2023 marked a pivotal moment in their digital journey.
  • Post-launch, our meticulously crafted digital marketing strategy seamlessly integrated with their new online persona.
  • The effective digital transformation led to an immediate and impressive boost in JC Watson's operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Our partnership with JC Watson continues to evolve. We're persistently devising new strategies to fuel their ongoing growth, with a keen focus on ensuring their marketing investment yields a substantial return.

Contact The Manager

Robert Kemp

The story of our journey with JC Watson underscores the power of authentic partnerships, thorough understanding of clients, and an unwavering commitment to digital excellence. To get first-hand information about their experience with Identity Pixel, don't hesitate to reach out to John Lyman, Manager at JC Watson. He can be contacted on 020 3733 3050, or you can learn more about their services at We take immense pride in the accomplishments of JC Watson and continually pledge our expertise to their ongoing growth and success.

NHS Dr Yadava Surgery

Revolutionsing Healthcare Through Digital Transformation

When Dr Yadava's NHS Surgery approached us in early 2021, their needs were clear, they required more than just a service provider. They sought a reliable partner who could help them make a significant leap into the digital age. With the challenges of maintaining a traditional setup in a fast-paced digital world, they were ready to take the bold step towards a comprehensive digital transformation.


Armed with a thorough understanding of their needs, we took on this challenge with fervor. We engaged in a dedicated collaborative journey to create a state-of-the-art website that would simplify the patient journey and streamline their internal processes. The goal was to create an intuitive online platform that allowed easy appointment booking and access to real-time surgery information.

The commitment to Dr Yadava's Surgery was not limited to just developing a user-friendly digital platform. We also integrated a robust reporting system behind the scenes, gearing them for improved operational efficiency and data-driven decisions.

  • Launch of their innovative website in 2021, marking a pivotal point in their digital transformation.
  • Streamlined appointment system and real-time updates providing a superior user experience for patients.
  • A newly introduced reporting system significantly improving their operational efficiency and strategic decision-making.

Our journey with Dr Yadava's NHS Surgery continues to progress. We're currently designing additional strategies to further enhance their digital healthcare services, with a focus on increasing patient engagement and ensuring that their digital investments deliver optimal returns.

Contact The Practice Manager

Lorna Connelly

Our collaboration with Dr Yadava's NHS Surgery represents the power of combining technological innovation with healthcare. To hear about their experience with Identity Pixel directly, feel free to contact Rashmi Yadava at Dr Yadava's NHS Surgery on 01375 390575. We take immense pride in contributing to their digital transformation and continue to dedicate our expertise to their ongoing digital success. Visit their site at to learn more.

Leigh Mill Fishing The Ultimate Fishing Experience

Digitally Enhancing the Angling Experience

When Leigh Mill Fishing approached us in 2022, they were keen to elevate the experience of their esteemed members. More than just a website redesign, they were looking to provide a streamlined digital platform for their private high-end trout fishing community.


Their vision was twofold: create a stunning, user-friendly front-end website, and develop an efficient back-end system integrated with a mobile application. The goal was to allow members to easily check-in and out of the lake, log their catches and offer owners the ability to report back to the Environment Agency seamlessly.

We eagerly took on the challenge, leveraging our expertise in website design and mobile app development to bring their vision to life. The result was a cohesive digital solution that not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of their online presence but also drastically improved their operational efficiency.

  • We launched a beautifully designed website and mobile application, offering members an enhanced digital experience and owners an efficient management tool.
  • Members now enjoy a streamlined process to log their visits and catches, thereby improving overall member satisfaction.
  • The newly implemented system has made reporting to the Environment Agency effortless, showcasing the power of digital transformation in traditional industries.

Our collaboration with Leigh Mill Fishing continues to thrive. We're exploring more ways to leverage digital solutions to further enrich their members' experience and support their commitment to the Environment Agency.

Contact The Lake Manager

John Lyman

Our work with Leigh Mill Fishing showcases the transformative power of digital solutions, even in the most traditional of sectors. To hear about their experience with Identity Pixel directly, feel free to contact John Lyman at Leigh Mill Fishing. We take immense pride in their digital evolution and remain committed to their ongoing digital success. Visit their website at to see our work in action.

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We offer a balanced equation of cost and quality. At Identity Pixel, you invest not just in a service, but in a value-packed, quality-driven solution that helps your business thrive in the digital landscape.

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Lean on our robust technical acumen, fortified by industry-specific certifications. Our wide-ranging web development services are meticulously tailored to create a standout digital identity. Trust our certified excellence to sculpt your online presence.

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We invest time to grasp your business goals, audience, and industry specifics. This deep understanding shapes our approach, ensuring a bespoke website design that perfectly aligns with your vision and aspirations.

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Our diverse portfolio and satisfied customers narrate a tale of triumph. Explore our case studies, where challenges morphed into opportunities and businesses bloomed into digital powerhouses. We're proud of our legacy, painted with compelling platforms and profound business growth.

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We believe in a transparent approach. Our team maintains regular, clear communication throughout the project, ensuring you stay informed about the progress and are actively involved in the decision-making process.

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We don't just launch websites, we nurture them. Rely on our post-launch support and maintenance services for continuous updates, regular site enhancements, and prompt issue resolution.

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We understand the essence of time in business. Committed to your timelines, we meticulously plan and execute each project phase to deliver a superior-quality website that's ready to launch when you are.

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Our team of passionate, professional and experienced designers, developers and project managers are here to take on any project no matter how challenging or diverse. In fact our team thrives on a good challenge and is never happy unless greatness is achieved.


Remember "Design adds value faster than it adds costs."

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Medseeds // Logo & Product Packaging
Wags Empawrium // Facebook & Instagram Marketing Campaign
Workspace Dividers // Logo Design
Vida Calida // Logo Design
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